Nu Resurgence is a North Texas manufacturer of health and beauty products that are distributed all over North America. Our flagship product is an innovative take on the popular salt scrubs.

Our salt scrubs are hand crafted with only the finest (and minimalist) ingredients to provide you with a luxurious exfoliating experience.

Nu Resurgence also leads the way in our unique marketing program by which we partner with hotels, spas, restaurants, and many other businesses to provide our salt scrubs in their bathrooms to allow your customers to experience the luxury before buying. This unique partnership builds trust in the product and drives people into your gift shop/retail space hunting down our products.

Our History

Nu Resurgence was founded by The Harvison family in Fort Worth, TX. The Harvison family has been running & launching businesses in North Texas since 1960. The Harvison family has been involved in a wide variety of businesses from Oil & Gas to Hemp/CBD to call centers and cosmetics companies. In early 2019 the Harvison family partnered with a successful salt scrub manufacturer to launch Nu Resurgence and scale the existing salt scrub business beyond its current growth projections.

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